As she quoted some drake lyrics to me but I don't know much of his music. I was inclined to create my own
  1. Woke up soon as I spoke up didn't think could make my life make a living but now I got a life that you ain't believin
  2. My city is cold but I'm cold blooded don't cross my border I got your girl and I already nutted
  3. Wish I already died cuz did more than you could even if I do die did more you ever would
  4. The crown sitting light on my head cuz the world on my shoulders only thing I can't stand is all I see isn't golden
  5. I'll tell you when I done enough there's still higher to get showing my enemies up being my own sure bet
  6. Trouble on my come up fight back by getting done up ever thinking it could get worse just die young leave a good looking corpse
  7. Dog eat dog world I'm eating away at myself think it might be over nah don't send help