Look I had my way you'd all hire me as your personal stylist and I'd charge an exorbitant fee, but I'm going pro bono for the penurious and telling you guys some easy breezy ways to look better with 1% effort
  1. Avoid the peeking undershirt
    Nothing says I'm a middle aged man with the loosest concept of dressing myself quite like the bright glare of a Hanes Beefy showing from underneath you're real shirt. This is the torso equivalent of sagging pants showing your boxers. It's sloppy as all hell. Remedy this by either not wearing an undershirt or investing in some V necks. Decency will thank you
  2. Leave the top two buttons unbuttoned on your shirt
    Related note. Men's fashion is mostly about correlating V shapes- your shoulders over your toes, how a blazer frames your chest, etc. This will frame your skull better and make your shirt lie more evenly on your body. The collar button and the next one after that. No more, no less. It's not some Rico suave shit- no one will notice in a bad way. Just no undershirt peek! (This assumes your shirt has well placed buttons so mind the cleavage)
  3. Learn your complementary color wheel
    And mix and match accordingly. You can see in the image there's more than one way to match colors. Just like be aware of colors and light and hue and basic shit if you had the king shit Crayola 128 box
  4. Don't let fabric pool at your ankles
    Novel thought- your pants should reflect the length of your legs. If your shit is dragging on your heel you do not understand how pants are supposed to work. Either roll them up if they're jeans and chinos or spend -$1 at a tailor for literally the simplest thing they do
  5. Suit jacket buttoned when standing, open when sitting
    Yeah I bet y'all would like to look like some reservoir dawg all cool shit and rakish. But you ain't and you must acknowledge that. When standing and walking around keep your jacket buttoned. Immediately unbutton when you sit lest you look like a talk show host. Of course if you're doing any major activity in a suit- especially dancing- leave that shit unbuttoned because shit will be popping but your buttons shouldn't
  6. Get a haircut
    I don't mean in that dad way of like "that hippie bullshit won't be under my roof" and there's no "right" haircut but rather if you have a style you like go to a chill barber and explain it and he can clean it up for you. Everyone's hair grows irregularly. Even if you got longer hair getting it layered better or the sides cleaned up or whatever will help. Just explain to the barber what you're going for or bring a picture of your ideal hairstyle
  7. Match your belt to your shoes
    Brown shoes? Brown belt. Black shoes? Black belt. Of course if you like colorful belts or colorful shoes just try to complement them as best you can. Yeah you can break this rule if you're a fashion wildling but you must learn these rules before you learn how to break them
  8. Wear socks that aren't white
    Some basic tube socks are cheap and good for the gym but like yo you can do better, even if they're just black tube socks. You don't need to get crazy funk patterns. Secret- it's a shit look when there's visible ankle between visible sock and your pants cuff when you're sitting so plan sock length accordingly
  9. If you're not going for the mountain man look, shave your beard line
    Scrunch your face toward your neck. That shows you where your beard line is. But mostly it just means cleaning up your neck below your jawline. Leave the bottom of your jaw hairy but around your Adam's apple is where you should get that razor.
  10. Fuckin wear some fun shit
    Style is about wearing your inner taste on the outside. Be not afraid to let people know what your name is