1. Sink garbage disposal
    How the hell do these things work? Why are they? Am I wrong for thinking they're more trouble than they're worth? Is this superior to using s trash can? I have only had one for a couple months and it's already broken twice
  2. Frozen pizza
    For such a ubiquitous foodstuff why do we need frosted nonsense? I get dominoes isn't that great but still at least it was made and cooked and things
  3. Incredibly small purses
    What is kept in these? Where are the things that do not fit kept?
  4. Disposable wheel lighters
    The click button lighter should have made these obsolete, no? I get Zippo has some fans but for a bodega buy they make my thumbs hurt
  5. Gas pumps
    There is way too much interface here
  6. "No show" socks
    They clearly show! They promise but one thing and do not deliver
  7. The enduring appeal of Sex and the City
    Even neglecting the blergh movies, I've watched some recently, and it is a mess of bad puns, awful politics, and bland characterization. This is supposed to be some benchmark?
  8. Garbage bag sizes
    This is an issue of standardization I demand satisfied by the UN or IMF or someone