1. France
    I stayed with a family for a couple weeks on an immersion program when I was 15. They fed me really well and took me camping on the beach. My French "brother" Andreas really liked Madonna and built computers
  2. Denmark
    I dated a Danish girl named Camilla who seemed to like me and I couldn't figure out why. She thought I was gay for a while since I wasn't as obnoxious and sloppy as other Americans. We're still sometimes in touch. Someone once climbed up the side of her building to watch us have sex
  3. Germany
    After drinking too much, losing a hotel room, and being ditched by my friends (long story) I passed out in the middle of a subway platform. A random German woman tries to help me get home, but I didn't have a home to go to and didn't know where anyone was, so despite her best efforts I was beyond help. She gave me her scarf and I slept in a photo booth. She deserves every good thing to happen to her
  4. Russia
    Anna and Anastasia, roommates in that they actually shared a room, invited me to their place. They cooked meat, cabbage, and some black tea and we talked about our countries' histories. I sleep with Anastasia while Anna crashes in her bed. Next morning she gives me detailed metro instructions to get back to my hotel and her email. She is now living in Mauritius
  5. Hungary
    A random guy in a stupid hat and I made friends at a bar that had a bombed out interior from the soviet days. He invited me to karaoke the next night. It was fun
  6. Hong Kong
    My mom took me to meet her friends at the Foreign Correspondents Club for dinner. They were really smart old people who had a lot of cool stories. Dinner was on them. Also the club was really cool with portraits of everyone who went off and some who didn't make it back from Nam
  7. Italy
    When I was about 9 I stayed in a little villa with my family for about a week. The groundskeepers had two kids around my age. They had a golden puppy named Simba that we taught to play catch. They also had a bigger scary dog that barked a lot but they didn't mock me for being afraid of it
  8. Spain
    An old guy invited me and some friends into his artist club pool hall. He taught us some better form while we chilled with some Spanish arts people whose average age must've been 85
  9. Argentina
    My brothers friend was living there for a while. He took me and my brother out to dinner. He ordered us empanadas but the restaurant thought instead of 6 empanadas they thought he meant 6 orders of empanadas which come with about 4 empanadas each. With all 24 empanadas we built a tower and played empanada Jenga. We were obnoxious