Inspired by @lenadunham and also I'm amazing at gift giving. Since Jews are already done and you should be if you're Christian this is more just generally to get people through January since holiday date sensitivity is an outdated construct.
  1. Coffee table books
    Everyone has an interest. Get them a big, beautiful, glossy compendium related to said interest. My dad loves to go to the beaches at Fire Island and architecture, so got him a book of fire Island architecture. But there's a big book for anything and no one supplies that for themselves so splurge!
  2. Nice blankets/throws
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    Maybe some nice, soft wool. Not like a duvet, think more like camp blankets or something to wrap around your shoulders when staring at a fire. Something like Pendleton
  3. Super deluxe beanies
    Marino wool! Hand knit! CASHMERE!
  4. Subscription to a website
    Whether you wanna pay for a few months of Amazon Prime or Hulu or the New Yorker, it's up to you and the tastes of the recipient. Since its digital it won't clog up anyone's space
  5. Coffee/Tea of stupid high quality
  6. Sunglasses
    For they will always be lost and a new pair always needed