Not necessarily the best or the brightest but it was that one where you had a smile of self satisfaction all day and night as you wore it
  1. JJ Gittes
    Aka Jack Nicholson from Chinatown. Khaki three piece suit with gauze over my nose. It felt just the right level of obscure but specific. One girl dressed like Mia Wallace was the only person who got it. We made out that evening
  2. Alex from A Clockwork Orange
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    The hard part was the codpiece. He wore a Cricket one, which I had a hard time finding. I ended up with a pretty good substitute.
    Suggested by @13spencer
  3. Max from Where the Wild Things Are
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    It's a wolf suit, crown, scepter; easy but fun.
    Suggested by @13spencer
  4. Succubus (last yr)
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    Any time someone would ask what a succubus was exactly, I'd get to say semen demon. I might do it again this year just for that reason
    Suggested by @olive
  5. A 19th century adventurer.
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    I won the @KCRW Masquerade Ball with it when I made it into the top 5 in online voting & then Henry Rollins picked it (& 2 others).
    Suggested by @WhelmedDad
  6. Senior year of college, I made a skeleton costume out of masking tape and my own black wardrobe. It was a big hit.
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    Suggested by @rrainking
  7. The Spring Dance episode of the original 90210.
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    This either made zero sense to people or had deep emotional resonance.
    Suggested by @Suzanne
  8. Pam and 3-hole-punch Jim
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    5 years ago but still one of my favorites. People used to tell me I looked like @JennaFischer and my nickname was Pam, but my sneakers weren't nearly as white.
    Suggested by @nataliepalter
  9. Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace
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    My best friend and I wore these costumes at a giant college party and hardly anyone knew who we were. The best part was my hand made bolo tie and everyone telling my friend her nose was bleeding...
    Suggested by @devinbarbaro
  10. Christmas tree! 🎃🎄
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    Suggested by @Mary