Get your haircut how you really want it
  1. Before going do NOT shampoo- keep natural oils in your hair. However you can style it like you normally would so your barber knows what you like
  2. Speak in proper measurements like inches. Saying "a trim" will get you inconsistencies for sure.
  3. When trimming around ears keep the hairline very close if you have big ears. You can trim it further back if you got small ones to give a dumbo illusion
  4. A fade is just the sides going gradually into the top of your head, i.e. Generally what you should get
  5. Clippers are sized 0-6. Each time a number goes up that adds 1/8 inch in length. Saying "a 4 on the sides and back" will make your sides and back 1/2 inch long
  6. Textured cuts are uneven hair lengths mixed up which is good for adding volume to thin or flat hair
  7. Ask your barber for advice but be specific with your questions
  8. Tip!