Marching towards wherever I'm headed
  1. Less than a year in LA but it's already felt longer than most any other year of my life. Here I am in the midst of a million hypothetical opportunities, from jobs to hikes, yet I'm pretty unsure of all of it
  2. I dated and lost because I didn't have much of a self when I needed to make more of a self. I mean, yes, a job and a social scene are implied, but it'd be nice to feel like I could be and deal with me in a way that lets me be close to others
  3. My niece was born this year which means I'll forever oscillate between being 27 and 28 years older than her. She's a peach and I really look forward to knowing her the rest of my life
  4. My last living and most important grandparent died exactly 1 year ago today. Last year my birthday run up was afflicted by the ever failing health of my grandmother. My mom called me to wish me a happy birthday and to tell me she passed in the same phone call. I miss her
  5. The thing I miss most actually is her smile that seemed reserved for family, like a dimmer switch where you could see it gradually illuminate as she was surrounded by her brood. Although now an incredible amount of manpower has been devoted to dealing with her estate. I miss her as person but she as presence looms large
  6. Moving away from the only home I've ever known makes me appreciate my family I leave behind. But even more so my friends who I've created and cultivated deep ties with, sometimes without even realizing since it just feels like it has always been so. What up @maya and @tedf and everyone who doesn't use this app
  7. That said I'm not sure I like my half brother
  8. This year I began living alone. Best decision ever made
  9. So for this coming year I would like to live large and see echelons of lunacy and beauty I ain't seen yet. But also I'd like to get more comfortable living small and sharing with another person. Also I'd like to not have man boobs by the time I'm 30
  10. To 28! May I be closer to actually achieving anything with my life. It probably won't be easy