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  1. I enjoy the fine establishments and improves civic structure in gentrified neighborhoods. So long as the new businesses aren't bullcrap like banks and Walgreens I'm good
  2. I have yet to meet a woman with a worthwhile opinion on how a man (or at least I) should dress
  3. I am wildly indifferent to Drakes everything. He's not offensively or interestingly bad, just, like, 😐
  4. A lot of your favorite books are just self help garbage gussied up with high romantic notions about nothing
  5. America still seems like the most worthwhile place to live with the exception of maybe Canada but that's mostly because it just seems like some more america
  6. How many people a person has slept with is not a good barometer on their personhood
  7. A lot of the shit people think is "sexy" or "classy" or "fancy" really isn't and seems more like they are trying to convince themselves rather than making an observation
  8. Or, generally; People are too easily impressed
  9. Burritos are better than tacos