So these aren't reviews more just like impressions and observations I get while watching the episodes
  1. Okay so no time skip forward we are still at the lake and guards are leaving and new inmates are coming in. Forgot how busy everything is
  2. Lori Petty! Be a main player in the narrative! Yes!
  3. That really was a shitty hit man though
  4. Oh Christ I sense another season long arc about Piper getting really smug and self involved but this time about being a hard ass. Funny, yes, but more cringe comedy
  5. I don't know the characters name
  6. Don't worry, Marisol, I understand it's hard to be goth
  7. Are there going to be any new recurring characters in the new batch of inmates?
  8. Judy King is my new favorite. Luschek was my old favorite so this scene with them eating pizza and talking about sex and smoking and cookie farts I consider to be a passing of the torch
  9. CO The Mountain is also new favorite
  10. Laura Prepon bringing the acting for actually killing bad hitman. Cool scene
  11. We've all been there, Suzanne. Find a cutie that digs you and they turn out to be militant improv people. Run while you still can and don't stop to "yes and" anything
  12. The casual nicknames in this show are great. Morticia, Cleopatra, etc
  13. Give Daya something to do that isn't baby related!!
  14. Don't know the characters name but inmate golden girl smokes-two-packs-a-day brings the murder math
  15. Two Packs reason for chopping up a corpse- boredom. A+
  16. Like what the fuck even is Healy at this point?
  17. Red doesn't have time for your dumb sorority tattoos
  18. Okay this is fun. Good showing! Didn't write about every character because they had minimal to do but good for catch up with everyone. I'm gonna go marry a lake