Cartoons, series or movies, that may have some acclaim but that deserve many more eyes on them. Please add your own!
  1. The Iron Giant
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    A boy and his dog movie if the dog were a giant robot instead. Made by Brad Bird before his Pixar days (and strangely objectivist tendencies) this is high concept heart at its finest with a retro vibe. The sort of movie Disney wishes it could make more often
  2. Over the Garden Wall
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    A newer miniseries, OtGW is a mix and match pastiche of American folklore, golden age animation, and script flips on talking animals and other genre tropes. With an absolutely lush autumn palate, thoughtful jazzy soundtrack, and clever Bildungsroman storyline, there is a lot for all senses. Plus a villain that actually becomes more enigmatic the more they show of him
  3. The Thief and the Cobbler
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    A movie with a familiar story that is beyond eccentric. Painstakingly created over decades, this film was marred by the release of a similarly Arabian themed cartoon, Aladdin, coming out around the same time. However, this is a movie far from usual Disney output. Its animation style is singular and so detailed- all by hand- it can be too much to process like a too big turkey dinner for the eyes. Really needs to be seen to be believed
  4. Rock & Rule
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    Okay this isn't a great movie by any measure. Its animation can be cheap and its story slow. But holy crap the 80s insanity on display here is unrivaled. Anthropomorphic animal post apocalyptic musical with original music from cheap trick, Lou reed, Debbie Harry, iggy pop, and more. Interdimensional demons summoned by rock n roll are involved. If this isn't a cult classic I don't know what is
  5. Grave of the Fireflies (1988)
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    WWII era, this tragic film covers the story of a young boy and his little sister's struggling to survive in Japan. Not only is this film filled with vibrant moments of life and storyline perfection, it's also a fucking tear jerker. I watched this movie during my freshman year of high school and to this day have never cried harder during a film. Filled with emotions varying from utter devastated to light hope, this movie is completely underrated and totally changed my life.
    Suggested by @Danni
  6. Whisper of the Heart
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    I don't think any Miyazaki-directed movies can be considered underrated, but this is a gem he wrote the script for. A totally realistic film about a young girl figuring out love and her purpose in life, but told so much more beautifully with animation than it would have been with live action. Also features the most adorable "Country Road" cover by a teenage Japanese girl you will ever hear
    Suggested by @jakebrandman