Perpetually scene stealing though never name recognition sealing, let's honor the supporting and character actors who kill it everyday and everyone knows their faces but don't get the acknowledgements they're due. Add your favorite!
  1. Margo martindale
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    Everyones favorite take-no-guff mom. Justified, New Girl, Paris je t'aime, million dollar baby, etc
  2. Stephen Root
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    Often hidden behind heavy costuming or a VO booth. Milton from Office Space and voice of Bill in king of the hill. But also found in boardwalk empire, dodgeball, and a bunch of coen bros movies
  3. Christopher McDonald
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    Best know for playing the pompous fancy villain in some 90s SNL alumni movies like happy Gilmore and dirty work, he's appeared in jarmusch movies, Thelma and Louise, and as sooooo many elected officials
  4. Ron rifkin
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    Often a judge or someone's very important dad
    Suggested by @gilbaron
  5. David paymer
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    The voice.
    Suggested by @gilbaron
  6. Edie Mclurg
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    Best known as principal Rooney's secretary in Ferris Bueller's day off
    Suggested by @gilbaron
  7. Gary Cole!!
    Suggested by @zabsters
  8. Stephen Tobolowsky
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    Groundhog Day, etc
    Suggested by @zabsters
  9. Zeljko Ivanek
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    In everything! Brings some serious villainy to the table.
    Suggested by @maribot