Live List: the 826LA and event

Let's give this a try
  1. Things I missed listing: Dave eggers using Trump as reason for better education, some other nice words
  2. 8:24 @bjnovak says that when you give people a simple, clean format like lists people have the confidence to better express themselves
  3. 8:27 @joannfabrics agrees with this sentiment
  4. 8:33 live auction has begun! 2500 to meet jimmy Kimmel
  5. 8:35 goes for $7500! Nice chunk of change for 826
  6. 8:36 you bid on owning the Simpsons
    Just kidding its to go to a table read
  7. 8:38 5k to hang with Homer
  8. 8:40 this starts at 4K!!!!!!
  9. 8:41 auctioneer is straight shaming people for not bidding more
  10. 8:42 some kid just got BJ at his party for discount price of 12k
  11. 8:44 "you can do a poem on fractals!"
  12. 8:50 top section seating (section for the plebes) (where I'm sitting) just donated something for the first time! Way to break thru
  13. 8:53 @angusisley getting his angel wings supporting a poetry workshop- you're welcome, poets
  14. 8:54 "don't list that I donated on the cheapest tier" -@angusisley
  15. 8:56 Best Coast has taken the stage
    Pretty chill they're just doing it with two guitars and nothing else. A unique experience that you, people not here like @kcupcaker, are super missing
  16. 8:59 @emilyannlosey and I were really close to bidding on that BJ reading for @combatdavey bday and now I think he'll be upset at missing that opportunity
  17. 9:08 look who's back
  18. 9:09 Kristen Schaal coming up for this timely piece
  19. 9:12 mad hate on "dandified cake eaters"
  20. 9:16 Bob Odenkirk reading some serious omertà shit
  21. 9:21 @angusisley literally had no idea this was happening. Still Bob Odenkirk
  22. 9:22 the crowd is going nuts for it!
  23. 9:24 BJ leaves Catherine Keener's "academy award nominated presence" to take care of this list from the voice of Violet Incredible
  24. 9:25 example of illustrations.
  25. 9:32 Maria Bello explaining the benefits to beating your wife with a small stick
    Kidding. This is a rebuke to a Pakistani proposition and women's reaction to that bullshit
  26. 9:35 Al Madrigal preaching what we need to hear
  27. 9:36 "9 years ago bet that name seemed totally okay to give to a kid. Mom, I'm going to join Isis... On the playground over there"
  28. 9:44 some very profound though kind of obvious though kind of not words as recited by Keegan Michael Key
  29. 9:45 really useful stuff from @PaulScheer
  30. 9:49 Keegan Michael Key has a great Owen Wilson impression
  31. 9:50 "it's time for my gun to take a shit- a bullet shit"
  32. 9:51 and we are done! Raised money for a great cause. @angusisley may sue them for using his list without permission. Will live list litigation