This isn't a list for fashion aliens, now r will it be about well fitting suits. Herewith is a list of brands for guys looking for some new, stylish clothes that are simple, flattering, and will make you look as good as you feel about yourself after a steak dinner. Also, will try to keep it to brands that don't use exploitive manufacturing
  1. Unis
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    You can't wear jeans all the time, and this brand carries some of the finest chinos, especially if you guys don't have the burliest legs. But also their shirts, from tees to button ups, are top notch for casual to biz casual. If you got some money to burn their varsity jacket is amaaaaaazing.
  2. Taylor Stitch
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    Sent from the heavens to help tech bros not look like Zuckerbergian garbage all the time, this brand makes shirts that are sizes like jackets, which means they're snug to your body type and you won't get billowy, boxy nonsense. Also makers of fine denim and even sunglasses
  3. Billy Reid
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    A southern gent at heart, billy Reid makes clothes that are undoubtedly nice and fashionable, but keeps things simple and rustic, preferring not hard wearing fabrics and generous cuts. Great for when you want to be surprised by what a suit can do for you and you want it to be one you could even wear with sneakers
  4. Outlier
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    Do you bike to work in a city with crap weather? Or live somewhere it's scorching by day and freezing by night? This is your savior. Outlier makes snazzy looking clothes, jackets to pants, that fit well but are also made out of some futuristic materials designed to keep the elements at bay. Tell Mother Nature to fuck off, you're looking too good today for her nonsense