The sort of things where, ironically, it feels like your eyes are finally open
  1. When you realize you are wrong about how good of friends you are with someone
  2. When you dwell on a door that will be closed forever that you didn't even know you could at one point open
  3. When you stare at someone's face and it feels like you've never seen them before
  4. When you come out of a depressive haze and wonder what made you stay in it so long
  5. When you finally, irrevocably, despite your best attempts, come to terms that cannot alter the present situation
  6. When you realize some personal faults you will always have to carry with you
  7. When after a long while apart you hear your parents call your name in the exact same way they did as a child and have ever since
  8. When you look into your own eyes and can't find what you're looking for
  9. When you realize you missed a step in life's progression and you're only now feeling its repercussions
  10. When you speak for the first time in a while and the words sound garbled and choked and you're surprised because you didn't realize how long you had no reason to speak
  11. When you hear what you're saying
  12. When you hope that you won't form an association with something pleasant, like snow falling, with some sad memory, but you still do
  13. When mild fantasies still turn out to be just that- fantasies
  14. When you expect a list about some sad shit to end on a joke, but there isn't one, and you have to accept you just read something sincere