1. So we have a shared universe and a lot of actors running around in costumes and punching stuff. Which is great, but...
  2. Let's not forget Marvel has made a habit of hiring super cool actors to pad out their films. Secondary or tertiary roles, not just heroes and villains
  3. Instead of assembling the Avengers, let's assemble the comic relief!
  4. Jon favreau from iron man
  5. Kat dennings from Thor
  6. Michael Pena from ant man
  7. John c Reilly from guardians of the Galaxy
  8. I mean look at that built in cast!
  9. Task them with something really outlandish but ultimately unimportant and have the superheroes in the background. They mostly just riff on the bananas shit they have to deal with
  10. Lesson would be you don't need to be super special to be a hero
  11. It helps that they were all comic relief in different ways so they can riff off each other
  12. Marvel, please contact me