Appetizer, entree, side, dessert, drink (plus snack)
  1. Appetizer: slice of thin crust pizza
    Crispy, oily, immense amounts of garlic
  2. Entree: Palm shell steak
    No frills beautiful cut of meat. My grandfather was also a life long member of the Palm family, even earning his portrait on their wall. Would be a nice way to say hello and goodbye
  3. Side: sautéed spinach
    Even more garlic! Plus I just really enjoy cooked spinach for reasons I don't know
  4. Dessert: vanilla milk shake
    With a thickness you would need to actively fight. Comes with the tin for that extra little bit of shake
  5. Snack: fresh baked bread with olive oil
    And a little pepper. Bread still warm from the oven dipped in high quality seasoned olive oil is honestly gustatorily orgasmic
  6. Drink; Manhattan
    Fine rye, easy on the vermouth, orange bitters