Inspired by @Fitz. It's been a good year with an ok GPA so feel free to wish me a good summer. If I get 20 notes I'll show my senior portrait straight from the dusty yearbook. EDIT- I went to an arty high school. So. Yknow. It might not be what you think
  1. Dan. Dan the man. (Then I would scratch that out and apologize to you.) I'm so glad we had like five classes together even though we only really realized it a week before the end of the year! Let's hang out more next year! 💋 NEVER CHANGE.
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  2. Hey.
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  3. Hope your Summer's great! Stay in touch! See you next fall!
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  4. Enjoy reading your lists & stay cool!
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  5. We were supposed to be going on a date this month for my show, but I've been semi-seeing someone and fell off the planet, but I'm still harboring List love for you. Stay awesome. 💛
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  6. Burritos ARE better than tacos! 😘 Happy New Year! 🎉
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  7. Stay golden, pony boy! Also, you posted that list about the live tweet date and no lie, I thought "that dude sounds like he'd be fun to go on a date with." Happy new year!
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