1. What's that phone? Little Timmy fell down the well? Oh no you're just giving me a list app alert
  2. Featured? Of what do you speak?
  3. Oh hey my thing trended and did a good job at being trendy so now I got a feature
  4. Ha it's like those credits when a famous person shows up for one day of work on a movie. "And featuring...."
  5. Wow that dumb list about music genres got that far? Thanks @john your relist meant the world
  6. There are a lot of new people on list app! Welcome all of you! This is great. Got a lot of alerts from people with <20 following or followers and you guys have already made excellent lists
  7. Is there some way to add this to my resume?
  8. Do I now represent something about the app now that it is featured? The pressure!
  9. Nah probably not. @TheAVClub will probably lap me a bunch before I finish writing this
  10. Am I going to make a list about my list thoughts? Seems a little masturbatory
  11. Oh shit I already wrote it
  12. Enjoy my silly missive everyone! And I reiterate- welcome new people and I'm looking forward to your lists