1. Huh, wifi doesn't seem to be here. Maybe this cafe has some cute name for it like SpiderWeb or Skynet
  2. Man that barista was surprisingly apologetic that they don't have wifi. Probably not the first time she's been asked today. Good on her for not being devoid of patience
  3. Let's take this opportunity to disconnect! Just open Word or Final Draft and get writing. This will be healthy and productive
  4. First let me check my email
  5. Oh right
  6. My phone gets email!
  7. Shit I should really get back to him. and sort through some of my bills. and read the trades
  8. No no, writing. Like its a typewriter. No distractions
  9. That was a rock solid sentence, good job, Daniel. Now you're cooking with gas
  10. Oh maybe there's an open network around
  11. No there isn't. I wonder what the password for the business wifi is. I'm gonna hack it
  12. Hacking is boring
  13. Writing! You lazy bum!
  14. There are a lot of people on laptops here even though there's no wifi. Are they all actually working? Damn
  15. Fuck it I'm heading home, gotta make a List of all this and don't want to eat into my data
  16. I am my own worst enemy