1. Okcupid
    I do not find myself fascinating enough to write this much about me. While this whole match percentage thing is nice it mostly makes me wonder what the missing percentage represents, like we could be compatible about everything but your opinions on water boarding
  2. Tinder
    This is a dark, awful world we live in. Are all these people technically humans? Or is this some posthumanism blade runner shit?
  3. Hinge
    There are many professional people out there who a)have no time for a screw up like me and b)seem incredibly boring. Truth is I went on a hinge date and the girl said something she was snobby about was fitness classes
  4. Bumble
    Power to the ladies! A really great simulation of when I'm at a bar and am looking to meet someone but get those states of cold indifference from across the room and know not to pursue. However the ones that say hello tend to be really nice!
  5. Luxy
    I'm not pretty enough to be "kept"
  6. Happn
    The living tech metaphor of "so close yet so far"