The idea here is to list a great, busy day, from morning to night, of things to do, see, taste, hear, or whatever else in a neighborhood (ideally yours). Not THE best things ever due to hype or for fear of missing something some might call essential but what you find perfect and others might also enjoy.
  1. Breakfast: Alcove
    A big fat yard and good coffee. It can get crowded but let's assume this day is perfect in every way
  2. Taking the long way to the Observatory
    Hiking up the meandering trails that are around Vermont Ave. They're usually very quiet compared to the jogging madhouse of Runyon. Plus at the top you get a great view and no one is too good for some free astronomy. Space is the shit
  3. Lunch at Little Doms Deli
    Not the restaurant proper but the very chill deli next door. No fuss, easy on the wallet, and their deli meats are A++
  4. Scoping out new books at Skylight
    Used book stores are always my number one but it's nice sometimes to check out what's new and happening in publishing. Purity looks not very good, huh?
  5. Coffee and crossword at H Coffee
    Snag a couch or an outside seat and drink through infinite free refills until you can finally figure out the rebus
  6. Avocado fries and a beer at Hyperion Public
    As sun sets I fiend on some French fried avocados and a pint of something good. Ideally this will be a chill thing where wearing sunglasses while eating is okay, i.e. That riviera al fresco look
  7. Movie at the Vista
    Unfortunately they do a lot of the biggest movies that are often poop but if there's a new superhero movie or other worthwhile blockbuster I'll sit there surrounded by faux Egyptian splendor
  8. Marty and Elaine at Dresden
    It's not a secret and Swingers blew this spot up but sometimes you just want some great old pros putting out jazz standards and epitomizing relationship goals. Plus the manhattans are pretty cheap
  9. Getting quiet or getting weird at Drawing Room
    A true dive's dive will allow you to bring ruckus or disappear into the walls just as easily. If my night is done a nightcap here is nice. If my night ain't then their whiskey pours are large and fill my blood with vigor and stupidity