In this series of ads people seem to be driving their new Volkswagens to do various holiday traditions but they are actually on a test drive where the car salesmen inevitably encourage the end of the test drive and the test drivers blithely say no and keep on driving and going about their business with the salesmen clearly upset about it
  1. Isn't anyone worried about the salesmen? The only test drive I took was about 15 minutes
  2. Are all of these people driving sociopaths who don't care about the humanity of a human in their back seat?
  3. They probably are, because in one a family goes to cut down a tree and they leave the salesman without a coat on the middle of the woods. Is that a felony?
  4. To the couple who asks "don't you want to meet my family?"- why would this stranger wish to? Don't you think he has his own family whom he misses?
  5. Why is Volkswagen trying to target the cheery holiday psychopath market?
  6. Why are the car salesmen so meek? You are being kidnapped, sir. You have a right to challenge this
  7. Didn't anyone consider the complete lack of empathy in these ads?
  8. Can we please be told the salesmen are safe? They look so miserable and I hope they get home for the holidays