These are the occasions that shock you with how serenely happy you feel about them but you didn't see coming
  1. When someone squeezes your shoulder for a beat too long
  2. When you wake up exactly when you meant to
  3. Smelling a smell that reminds you of something you can't remember
  4. Wearing clothes you haven't worn in a while
  5. When someone looks at your lips before you realize you should kiss them
  6. Allowing yourself to fall asleep when you really want to
  7. When someone mentions an anecdote or personal story you told them when you yourself forgot you told them
  8. Being invited to a birthday party of someone you don't know all that well
  9. Finding the right hot sauce
  10. Someone touching you as if to say "it'll be all right" when you didn't think there was anything wrong in the first place but of course there was
  11. When you lock eyes with someone while sharing a laugh, and your acquaintance crystallizes into true friendship
    Suggested by @LizDawson