1. Me with cigar on my birthday
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    A selfie I sent to someone to illustrate I don't fuck around on my bday. Funny because I look exceptionally old in this photo in both act and lack of skin elasticity
  2. Will is in a band
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    This a photo of @willrunge when his band Fort Lean played LA. You should check them out. @maya was just in their most recent videos. My photos of bands always suck. This ones okayish I think
  3. A disagreement
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    This was a sign in a cafe that I didn't believe
  4. Kaia
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    This is my 8 month old niece Kaia. If any of you have any similarly aged babies in need of a hot date I got a heartbreaker here
  5. My grandfather the pilot
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    This is my grandfathers Air Force hat. He flew during World War Two. He flew the mission that fire bombed Dresden, a notable event for anyone who took high school English class and enjoyed slaughterhouse five. This hat sadly didn't fit me
  6. Matisse
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    This was a Matisse cutout I liked. Mostly I took the photo because security was tight and I wanted to see how much I could get away with
  7. Brother and me
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    This is me and my brother. I really like my tie in this picture. Also my look of uncomfortable disbelief