The essentials. Have one of each if possible
  1. The white canvas plimsoll
    Yeah that's a technical term for sneakers. You guys probably have a pair already but get a better one. Lo tops, simple design, ready to get beat up. Best examples- Supergas, Jack Purcells, Vans, Tretorn Nylites. Veya. You can do better than Nike in this department
  2. The not-garbage trainer
    We got gym shoes that stank and have great arch support. These are running shoes designed to be worn with jeans on a chill Sunday that you could walk a few miles in but still look put together. Simple designs in no more than 3 colors. New Balance runs this game but there are plenty others by big and small brands alike. I like this one called Greats
  3. The pretty nice ones
    Yo we live in an awful time where sneakers to semi formal events is considered de rigeur. While I got a lot to say about this democratization to the slovenly you still gotta know the audience you appeal to. Get some leather ones. Probably black but also austere white works. Or go for some natural tan suede. Minimal. Buttery. Like you could go to a club in them. Fuckin bullshit I know but we all gotta participate in society
  4. The ones that say "fuck you I can still ball"
    Treat yo' self to a bit of reclaimed youth and get yourself some cool basketball sneakers. Go all in. Hi top Jordan's are the best. Also Air Max. This is the best shoe to kick it with the boys talking about how you once got a triple double in pee wee basketball but you quit ball to focus on your studies
  5. And like that's it
  6. Not allowed
    Sneaker boots. Sneakers with patterns and styles you'd find on real shoes. Crazy ass fucking colors since you're not an emo middle schooler any more. Gym shoes unless you're headed to or from the gym. Hypebeast nonsense. The ones with the wheels in the heel
  7. Otherwise get them in colors that range from black, white, navy, tan suede, gray. Before indulging in any other colors you must take a good long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself what kind of adult you are.
  8. You're welcome