1. First off, the word "cleanse" is yuck
  2. But after we get past that
  3. Lately I've been feeling awful over social media
  4. A few things happened in quick succession
  5. Got blocked, got told off, got banned, got dressed down, got told I'm no longer allowed to talk to someone's girlfriend, got a friendship pushed back, and the list goes on
  6. Made me feel crappy and its rapid fire pace made me feel like an idiot
  7. Most of these things could relate back to social media, especially Facebook
  8. I have some compulsive behavior issues that the Internet exacerbated. Turns out not all head issues are easily medicated or calmed
  9. So I'm taking time off. Still check it for events and bdays but otherwise no thanks
  10. And it feels great!
  11. There's something about being alone but not feeling alone, as keeping track with people can induce, that can recenter you
  12. Plus I'm instagramming for a new job so mixing Biz with pleasure sounds poopy
  13. Either way I recommend getting away from the added stresses and strains of Internet presences because holy shit even if you think they don't occupy your brain they actually do
  14. But hell or high water I ain't leaving List. Love you guys