1. Making friends
    Not so much the being social aspect, but feeling comfortable putting myself in someone else's life. It's not hard to converse but I always feel like I'm intruding on their regularly scheduled program. When I try to tell myself "shit is in your head just do it" I think I'm going overboard in my attempts so the circle is complete
  2. Sticking with tedious self improvement
    Have you guys ever been fucking running? The most boring thing in the world
  3. Settling down
    Maybe a product of my environment growing up in NYC or just a restless spirit, it is hard for me to just fucking chill out a little and enjoy the moment and circumstances being presented to me without fear of missing out, fear of missing opportunity, and fear that dish I left out is gathering mold
  4. Thinking an idea is good enough to see through
    Usually takes some corroboration. Never really feel like my concepts are even the best I could think of, much less people in general could. Things just kinda languish
  5. Finding the little things fascinating
    In addition to not settling down sometimes I let human experience pass me by. Rose smelling and sucks
  6. Getting going and getting done
    Unstoppable in the middle of a project, highly stoppable at its beginning and its ending
  7. Not focusing on the negative
    What's up, list of negative emotions?