1. Donnie Darko
    No, it's not "too strange" or "too depressing" it's that it's the cinematic equivalent of a precocious teenager with something to prove and thinks their pain is so painfully unique
  2. Astrology
    Was once told I need to be a "science person" to get it. I'm totally okay with liking it and don't judge those that do, I just feel like I can choose not to give it credence without being demeaned
  3. Fernet
    The standoffish bartender's favorite. It's just not for me
  4. That friend or a friend who is kind of a jerk
    I get that he and you go way back but he's kind of obnoxious and while maybe it's funny sometime I prefer people to be nice and friendly
  5. Music festivals
    I like concerts. I like having lived a day before going to one and then going to sleep in my bed after. But I respectfully do not wish to log a full day's work and possibly more into seeing bands
  6. Lost
    I watched the first season and a half. Never was addicted. Just kinda LOST interest