Inspired by @maya
  1. For more writing work
    It doesn't even need to be a good gig, the sensation of waking up knowing I have to put words to page gets me going
  2. To generally have more idea of where I'm going and what I'm doing
    This applies to a great many aspects of my life, kinda tiresome to list them all, but I am not for want of a need for direction
  3. Finish a few new scripts
    Pilot and feature ideally
  4. Get out of the country at least once
  5. Go to a ridiculous malibu (or equivalent) house party and get some of that sweet sweet ridiculousness
    And some other ridiculousness. Gotta see some surreality
  6. Date and date happily
    Gotta get and give some of that emotionally available love and respect I hear so much about
  7. Refuse to be unproductively agitated by the miserable political climate
    This year more than others I have felt the weight of existential threats to my and my country's well being, from global unrest, climate, policing, finances, I mean come on must I continue? But I'm not gonna get into the craziness fulminating on tv. I'd like to help or at least be calmly informed and respecting to those things I cannot help
  8. Help more of my friends
    Not just with moving. You guys can fuck off with that. I'd like to do something to get a friend through something
  9. Be better for my fellow man
    Help turn something around. I just don't like feeling impotent to help the world be better
  10. Lose all this god damn weight
    Like really I've got too much
  11. Find a new hobby
    Don't know what yet. Open to suggestions
  12. Make enough money to give
  13. Be there for my family as needed and, ideally, wanted
    Niece. Brothers. Mama and papa. Gonna see what I can do about being more
  14. Make enough money to fix my grandfathers watch
    This is actually a sort of combo of some of the aforementioned. My mom found a beaten up old Rolex that my grandpa had. It was in a box of his stuff that came to light after my grandma died. Unfortunately it costs a lot to fix a Rolex. so I swore to fix it when I get a pay day to warrant a Rolex. It requires work and it's a goal to get to me going and it'll feel like I'm contributing to a memory of my family
  15. As always, never inflict significance on those things that do not warrant it