These are things I think another person should teach me instead of trying to learn on my own. Ideally in 2016 but I'm patient
  1. Italian
    Through means I don't quite fully understand I could be eligible for Italian citizenship. I'm not looking to get fluent but some basic stuff and a better understanding of it would be appreciated
  2. Making friends
    Not to be confused with "meeting people". I meet a lot of people but I sometimes feel like I fuck up in attempts to get closer or form some new bonds. I really should get better at it and should figure out what I'm messing up and be the kinda guy that gets invited to bday dinners and weekends out of town
  3. Krav Maga
    The martial art that teaches you seven ways to break someone's jaw before they hit the ground. Good enough for israel, good enough for me
  4. Premiere
    My FCP7 ain't cutting it anymore (editing pun!) so I should probably pick up the new standard
  5. Empathy
    Could always use more
  6. Riding a motorcycle
    Even on the highway
  7. Some new craft involving making things with my hands
    I used to be decent at woodworking but I can tell those skills have dissipated. Might be kinda cool to just learn a trade
  8. Remembering names
    I hate myself so much that I'm bad at this
  9. Gracefully asking for professional gain
    "Lemme get some of that work" seems a bit crass, no?
  10. Love and caring
    Be helpful to understand this from a separate perspective and appreciate it a bit more. Related to Empathy up above but a deeper dive
  11. Complicated cocktails
    And spinning the bottles in my hands!
  12. Boofing
    Because it's never too late to learn the art and science of drinking alcohol through your butt. Young 4ever, baby!