1. What is my stomach trying to tell me?
  2. Where can I buy an affordable rug that doesn't look like abstract vomit?
  3. Since I have always been afraid of being mediocre, is this fear that I currently have become so an accurate reflection or just neuroses running high?
  4. Do I really want to know how much time I spend on the internet?
  5. If I say things quietly will people still pay attention?
  6. Was that just Ellie kemper?
  7. Would I be at all familiar if I grew up less financially secure or privileged?
  8. Why do I find it so funny whenever characters talk to their own brains?
  9. Do I actually like being alone or have I just become far too tolerant of it and deceived myself along the way?
  10. Who are these people?
  11. Is trying to achieve my dream just a practice in self deception?
  12. Why do I remember so little of my childhood?
  13. Am I using the word "punctive" correctly?
  14. I'm not really THAT superfluous, am I?
  15. Why the hell does vodka taste like that?
  16. How do you just, like, be a friend?