In efforts to understand the different cities and bridge the cultural divide, here is what I have surmised and invite you to share your suppositions as well
  1. Los Feliz/Cobble Hill
    Interesting buildings. Semi pastoral. Very nice and cool but not "cool". Millions of hip babies. Where you'll most likely cross paths with someone who was on a critically acclaimed but not very watched sitcom/sketch show
  2. Silverlake/williamsburg
    Very hip. Lot of interesting hats. Stores selling such niche products it is strange they can exist. Great coffee. Arbitrarily expensive
  3. North Hollywood/Astoria
    Actors who care more about making a killing than making a living. Lots of local culture and amenities but everyone still commutes. Reasonable rents until everyone else figured it out. The most accessible of inaccessible places
  4. Fairfax/Lower East Side
    A small area with remnants of a very Jewish community but now mostly interested in selling expensive street wear. Always vaguely dirty. Likely you'll be refused entry to a bar for clothing choices. Pastrami
  5. West Hollywood/Chelsea and Hells Kitchen
    Expensive. Effusively and historically gay. Nice home furnishing stores. Surprisingly busy all the time. touristy but still where locals would consider hanging
  6. Venice/Greenwich village
    Oft romanticized for their weirdness. Nowadays still grimy but high rents and a status move to live there. Frequently cited in mid 20th century pop culture. Famous authors probably lived nearby
  7. Calabasas/battery park
    I hear it's nice but I'll never bother to make it there. Good schools
  8. Murray Hill/ Miracle Mile
    The collars out number the people. Often 2/3 to 1. There's so many incredibly mediocre dining options and most come with a weight. Whatever the waiter recommends is bad. But it's near a ton of great shit and you can probably find a cheap apartment. (Cheap being very relative and unattainable)
    Suggested by @michaelrabe