Marvin Gaye. Dangelo. Prince. These are classic love making soundtrack examples. This list is for the lesser known, non-obvious, and all kinds of freaky sexy time tunes. All genres and artists welcome. Single songs or the general oeuvre of the artist. please provide a case for your choices if possible
  1. Massive Attack
    Good for sex with androgynous strangers in a cold industrial city
  2. FKA Twigs- "Two Weeks"
    A gentle touch and a vibrating libido all at once
  3. James Blake
    For having sex with robots. Or crying sex. Or having sex with crying robots
  4. The Cave Singers (Album- No Witch)
    "Distant Sures" is a staple, but most of this album is 👌🏽 A teensy bit hipster-y, but you don't usually notice during the act...
    Suggested by @meg1
  5. Brand New - "Deja Entendu"
    Perfect for angst-ridden, emo breakup sex. Afterwards, make a mixtape.
    Suggested by @amber
  6. Touch Me I'm Going to Scream by My Morning Jacket
    Suggested by @paigeclaudette
  7. Tool?
    Long and complicated af, just how I like my sex.
    Suggested by @olive
  8. Banks
    Suggested by @olive
  9. Esthero
    In the same trip-hop realm as massive attack, but jazzier
    Suggested by @olive
  10. Unknown Mortal Orchestra (album: Multi-love)
    Suggested by @saytrumbo