Most of our commonly eaten animals are doofy looking creatures. What is your threshold for edible adorability? As inspired/actually created by/totally stolen from @Waz
  1. Sloth
    Happy, dim faces make them cute, lack of movement probably makes the meat tender
  2. Koala
    Can't speak inherently to how tasty they might be, but they are cute jerks getting high all day
  3. A man
    I mean, a reeeeeaaaaalll cute one. Like, Matthew Gray Gubler cute.
    Suggested by @olive
  4. Scottish Highland Cow
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    100% grass fed, free range beef. SO CUTE I COULD JUST EAT IT UP!!
    Suggested by @amber
  5. Sugar Glider
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    Popcorn chicken of the rainforest.
    Suggested by @JeremyPivot