1. Classy
    This would be an okay word if it hadn't lost all specific meaning. At this point all it means is "mindful of presentation". That's a bland thing to say and has the incredible effect of mostly making the person saying it look less "classy" by contrast. Like we can describe things more specifically than that it's just above the bare minimum of socially acceptable plus silk
  2. Adult as verb
    "Adulting is hard" you say? So is God damn everything. You've reached a point in your life where you're expected to be accountable for your actions and responsible for your well being. How about instead of making memes about it you learn what a mortgage is?
  3. Awkward
    Yeah sure some things may be socially awkward. But are you helping anything by pointing it out in the middle of everything? Mostly this word is overused popping up any time someone says something not preconditioned to appeal to the crowd. Accept differences and frictions and don't worry so much about your own head space. Meeting more people on common ground as opposed to pointing out how uncommon it is will help everyone in the long run
  4. Mental disabilities as adjectives for common behaviors
    Are you "ocd" about how to organize your closet? No, you're anal retentive. OCD is hardly a convenient encouragement to cleanliness. Mental health issues aren't chosen, aren't handy, and are irrevocably suffered from Same goes with bipolar, schizo, depressed, etc. Mostly those just mean moody and cheapen the experience of having mental tendencies beyond conventional control
  5. Meh
    As a knee jerk response you can do better. All this tells someone is that your statement or opinion isn't even worth a direct response, just a dismissive one. There's nothing so deflating as an ambiguous, disinterested response. At least disagree! They aren't ass holes for trying to do something that didn't work out but you're an ass hole for being so unhelpful as to only huff a "meh"