Lot of us are fortunate to live in culinary capitals filled with amazing tastes ranging from tasty authentic to the hifalutin gourmet. However, sometimes, you just fiend for some garbage. These are foods that, despite knowing they're bad and bad for you, when you know there's some better version like next door, we sometimes need, sim be damned
  1. Chipotle
    This is what inspired this list. A buddy who grew up in and still lives in LA said he eats Chipotle at least thrice a week at his job. I gave him shit considering he has always lived a stones throw away from Mexico and better burritos than something so inauthentic it barely incorporates its namesake pepper. He told me, "I'm not getting it because I want Mexican, I'm getting it because I want Chipotle". Mind blown. So that got me thinking on mine...
  2. McDonalds fries
    Aka potato-based-crack-heroin. Makes you feel all is right in the world. Have I eaten better fries? Like maybe every day since then. Has anything replicated this taste which assuredly came from a pact with multiple Devils? Nope
  3. Cold sesame noodles from a grimy Chinese food joint
    Don't really know (nor want to know) what the real deal sauce is on here or how it's going to kill me but mmmmmmmm
  4. Add your own!
    But like not stuff that's actually good or cultish. No in n out or shake shack since those really try. These gotta be inauthentic garbage
  5. McDonalds Nuggets
    I don't care if they're not "real chicken," what they are is real freaking delicious
    Suggested by @LizDawson
  6. Kraft Mac and cheese - spiral shape specifically
    The more neon orange, the better.
    Suggested by @chelb
  7. Ikea philly cheese steak
    I could have a Philadelphia philly cheesesteak in under 10 mins and yet this has happened
    Suggested by @micaela
  8. Loaded baked potato soup from zoup
    You can taste the cheese, the sour cream, the bacon....you know it's terrible for you but daaammmnnnn that shit is delicious!
    Suggested by @ksavauge
  9. Taco Bell
    I literally have a delicious taqueria less than a quarter mile from my house but more often than not I'll drive the 4 miles to get Taco Bell. Because the Mexican Pizza is near perfection.
    Suggested by @supercommonname
  10. Panda Express Beef and Broccoli with Fried Rice
    I'm just a boy who can't say no.
    Suggested by @mattan
  11. Chef Boyardee
    Especially beef ravioli and beefaroni. Always want it, and always disappointed.
    Suggested by @amandajane