Sometimes we don't control what we develop as a "type." No matter how far you get away from your home town, an old life, or whatever else we take with us a weakness for a certain kind of person who will forever cloud our judgment and intrigue us. Not your type, you thought you outgrew this, but your "typeset" will make a fool of your senses
  1. Essentially, what kind of person you are regrettably weak in the knees for and a sucker for. Probably something you learned growing up or were exposed to and it stuck
  2. But also the kind of person who, when their type rears up you can't help but feel regressive and almost like you have something to prove. Like now your younger self will get what it once wanted. Or something
  3. Been struggling with how to succinctly describe this. Let me know if this is confusing
  4. Mine: aloof, often selfish girls with sultry eyes that come from wealthy families
    If this isn't a scar from high school crushes I don't know what could be
  5. A friend: the genius who acts the ass hole and gets away with it due to his genius
  6. A friend: male JAPs
  7. Add your own!
  8. Tall, self-centered extroverts.
    Thank goodness I learned to recognize this about myself and shun the above.
    Suggested by @kcupcaker
  9. Short, self-centered introverts
    Stealing @kcupcaker's format, my bad. But it's so true. 😳
    Suggested by @katilette
  10. Extremely confident, cocky yet wounded. Wants my complete devotion but won't reciprocate.
    Gets me every time.
    Suggested by @kiraandlulu