Best Names for Benjamin Paul Griffith

Obviously he's a dear friend of ours. These are his best names. Please note that this list is long and had potential to be split into two list. A second note is that these names aren't ranked. It's more of a compendium.
  1. Babby
    This is a clear front runner. It's the original.
  2. B Paul
    I called him this
  3. Benji
    We know him as this, as do many. It's closest to an original name than many others on here.
  4. Rocket Dick
  5. BPG
    Because let's face it, those letters, in that order? Pretty tight.
    Suggested by   @tyhumphrey
  6. Ben Tedder
    So tight am I right!!!
    Suggested by   @bengriffith
  7. eaglebound67
    Benjamin's first email address handle. Love it!
    Suggested by   @bengriffith