If Georgia O'Keeffe Paintings Were Named After Seinfeld Characters

We all love Go'K. She was a marvelously talented painter and her work is gorgeous. Not everyone knows about her landscape works, but even more curious hardly anyone has considered what they would named if they were named after characters on Jerry Seinfeld's hit sit-com: Seinfeld. This list is therefore dual in approach and performance.
  1. Elaine BENIS
    This painting screams Elaine. I love the use of acrylic paint here and the black Mesa is so New Mexican.
  2. Cosmo Kramer
    O'Keeffe named this painting after a Georgian ghost ranch. Imagine if it were named Kramer after the beloved Kramer. "I'm Cosmo Kramer, the ass man!"
  3. George Costanza
    I think it's obvious why this one could be named George Costanza. Enough said.
  4. Newman (Newman!)
    This beaut is named Outback of Marie's No. IV. Why not Newman? I think it's a nice painting to be named Newman and maybe Georgia O'Keeffe would have agreed. Is there a way to petition to rename this painting Newman?
    We saved the best for last! The eponymous Seinfeld himself! Believe it or not, this painting depicts a pine tree. I'm serious. It's a great painting to be named Jerry Seinfeld because it's so Seinfeldy.