Logo Animals I Would Pet

Just some of the brand mascot animals that I would nurture with a loving pet. The lore/names is/are all accurate.
  1. Tony the Tiger
    Easy choice, I guess. Very encouraging, seems tame.
  2. Evernote Elephant
    Surprise pick. Not many know this one, but very pettable.
  3. Target Dog (Bullseye, formerly Spot)
  4. Nesquik Bunny (Quicky)
    Very bad name for a bunny. And also kind of a cocky mf'er, but still pettable.
  5. Energizer Bunny
    One, two bunny punch. Sadly nameless, which makes me distrust it.
  6. Original Cheerios Bee (Buzz)
    Very cute.
  7. Mozilla Firefox Fox
    Also nameless. Also a red panda, so they say. Easy winner.
  8. Colonel Sanders
    Very needy