Things I'm wanting lately

Just sharing a peek into my life. I realize I am not so cool and that these things are easy to ridicule.
  1. Typewriter
    The reason is that when I'm on my computer, I get distracted. I just want to straight write. Looking into electric versus manual and interested in Olivetti Lettera and Smith Corona.
  2. Some new fountain pens
    I lost my TWSBI Mini last spring and now I'm looking into Kaweco Sports, Lamy Safaris, and another TWSBI. I'm not made of money but I love writing with fountain pens.
  3. New ink
    Pretty much only interested in Noodler's but not sure which inks to get. Usually like dry fast but there is a much, much smaller selection for those.
  4. 1-2 tattoos
    Thinking one of sans serif text on my forearm and a minimalist, line-centric (no shading or fill) image on my bicep. Trying to incorporate basic geometric designs (simple circle, triangle borders) with Georgia O'Keeffe "Sky Above Clouds IV"
  5. A motorcycle
    Trying to get my license in the next few weeks, but probably can't afford a bike for a while. I'm in love with Royal Enfields for their war-era style.
  6. Boys Don't Cry
    Because who doesn't want more Frank Ocean after 4 years?