1. Turn foot arches like you have a can-opener under your feet between turns - flat skis during transition feels like zero gravity
  2. Use poles like reading a newspaper - hands below elbows
  3. Keep shoulders down mountain, should never turn them past 45 degrees, skis can go 180 degrees
  4. When skating - Push off opposite foot and guide with forward foot
  5. Focus pressure on outside edge - body weight leaning opposite of turn direction (feels paradoxical!)
  6. Pressure modulation - use legs like car suspension
  7. Alternate tall/short by flexing ankles - pressure on your shovels
  8. Always stay centered - should be able to jump straight up comfortably at any time
  9. Quiet upper body - Decouple legs from shoulders
  10. Accelerate force into the turn, apply the most at the end as you switch
  11. Don't lock or use shoulders to stop or turn
  12. Lift drill - swing same speed in sync, rotate 180, apply strength with inside of thigh
  13. Start slow and make short "S" with skis perpendicular, don't accelerate into turns, use hockey stop progression