Favorite Portmanteaus

Some are real. Some are on the rise. All are wonderful word blends that add rich meaning in this life.
  1. Breastaurant
    I read an article once about the rise of breastaurants like Twin Peaks and Tilted Kilt. Not crazy about the concept, but crazy about the word.
  2. Athleisure
    This one is important to me because leggings
  3. Braptional
    I came up with this one. It's useful for days when I work from home and the uniform is "braptional," or bra optional.
  4. Badditude
    My older sister uses this a lot. Perfect for when you want to describe someone with a bad attitude, and you also want to save yourself some time/syllables
  5. Jackalope
    Is this a Colorado thing? You see jackalopes in tourist trap restaurants in weird mountain towns. I didn't get it for the longest time, but now I'm in on this bizarre inside joke.
  6. Pluot
    Pluots are 10x more delicious that apricots and/or plums AND 10x more fun to say
  7. Affluenza
    Whoever coined this term is a goddamn wizard. What a perfect word blend that evokes a specific type of person! This is just a stunning bit of wordplay.
  8. Glamping
    The only kind of camping I know
  9. Jorts
    You can never have enough
  10. Sexercise
    You can never have enough
  11. Brogrammer
    Frat boys who can code
  12. Botox