I could be adding to this for a while
  1. The pediatrician who wrote an awesome rap about COPD to the tune of N*ggas in Paris
    He also used to compete in national pairs figure skating competitions with his sister.
  2. The handsome health nut who took me snowshoeing for our second date.
    I struggled because I was hungover and generally out of shape
  3. The dentist that wanted to split the check after we each had two happy hour-priced beers, then invited me back to his apartment on the first date.
    Lol no
  4. The professional baker who bakes the breads for several downtown restaurants and USED to bake bread for everyone on the US base in Antarctica.
    We only went on three dates and I didn't get to eat any bread:(
  5. The really nice guy who speaks fluent Italian and pretty much only cares about fishing.
    We're still Instagram buddies
  6. The redhead who lived a few blocks away – which would have been super convenient – but I couldn't get past his socks and black sneakers, cargo shorts, etc.
    I'm the worst and he still sends me snapchats. Whyyy
  7. The guy who invited me over to get takeout and watch the Grammys for our second date. 3.5 hrs of Grammys programming later and I never heard from him again.
    So much for all my colorful pop culture commentary
  8. The guy who grew up on a sheep ranch who had a serious allergic reaction on our first date because there was an almond liquor in his cocktail.
    We ran to Walgreens a few doors down and had a major "Hitch" moment
  9. The doctor I dated for about 6 weeks until we slow-faded each other right before Christmas.
    Turkey dump?