Ash: a shining star in the dark sky
  2. Also has fantastic taste in music
    I can also put a playlist she made on shuffle and never skip a song because they're all so good. Her playlists are how I survive on my commute to work
  3. She is the most positive person I know. The most positive person you will meet. Please meet her or you'll never truly have lived
  4. Takes COOL ASS PICS of everything (including her friends)
  5. Is going to Denmark even though it may be a tough transition because is her dream!!!
    That is cool as fuck you are so brave
  6. So study your ass off and I am so proud
  7. Takes beautiful selfies
  8. If there's an obstacle in her life she faces it head on without any hesitation even though she may be stressed/annoyed/sad/etc
  9. Genuine af
  10. Tells things like it is
  11. Openly talks about poop
    Only real friends talk about poop
  12. INTRO'D ME TO TATE💗💗💗💗💗💗
  13. I love her so so much
  14. A grade A friend 😇