I'm not much of a gamer but I do know something about Nintendo games.
  1. Mario Bros. 2
    Nothing tops Mario Bros. 2. I'd gladly take part in an all-nighter Mario marathon to play this game again.
  2. Marble Madness
    The name says it all and many a controller went flying through my living spaces due to the madness of these damn marbles.
  3. Centipede
    Steer clear of the dreaded bug poison.
  4. Paperboy
    How could you not have fun, throwing papers at people's front doors?
  5. Skate or Die
    Tony Hawk has his own video games? What?
  6. Punch out
    A true classic. Watch out for those slick moves.
  7. Excite Bike
  8. Super Off Road
    Anytime. Anywhere.