Or the last few days of this week, atleast
  1. How intelligence is probably one of the most important things to have in this world
  2. How I'm pretty proud of the people I surround myself with and am inspired by
  3. Because not only is it a testament to their character, but also mine
  4. How honey is probably like the greatest thing, ever. It's healthy, plus you get the sugar if you have a huge sweet tooth (me). Plus plus,when you add green tea you can just feel the goodness.
  5. Bronchitis is no fun. But every time I think about the actual word, I think of brachiosaurus and then end up thinking of dinosaurs and the land before time
  6. How philosophy is so, so important and so little people are aware of its kmportance
  7. Not only does it open your mind to new ideas and ways of thinking, it really challenges you and, when you've finally cracked it, you feel so accomplished
    But sometimes you get Halfway through a work and want help with the concepts you couldn't grasp before moving on, but your brother refuses to help you so you just suffer in silence and question everything. See: the society of the spectacle, guy debord
  8. How words are so cool and can conjure up so many feelings or ideas, and how having an expansive vocab is so important
    Side note: Find and download "word of the day" app???
  9. Being well read is really fucking cool and educating yourself and appreciating art and words and knowledge is even cooler