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There's always more to the game than the game. Here's some life lessons I learned while golfing.
  1. Patience
    It's a simple game but hard to play. It takes time to learn to play it well enough to enjoy yourself. If you aren't a patient person, move on to another game.
  2. Perseverance
    You will have bad days and you'll feel like quitting but dig down and keep trying.
  3. Awareness
    Golf courses are beautiful, peaceful, places. Don't forget to notice the beauty while you are chasing your ball.
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  1. Boston (the first album)
  2. Fleetwood Mac (Rumours)
  3. Stevie Ray Vaughn (Texas Flood)
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Random annoyances
  1. Drivers who camp out in the left lane and hold up entire line of cars behind them with the right lane is wide open. Do you think you are the official pace car?
  2. TV commercials especially after binge watching Netflix
  3. People that act like they don't know you after you've met them several times before. I'm thinking, I remember meeting you three other times so if I remember, then I'm sure you remember. How hard is it to just say hello?
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