Random annoyances
  1. Drivers who camp out in the left lane and hold up entire line of cars behind them with the right lane is wide open. Do you think you are the official pace car?
  2. TV commercials especially after binge watching Netflix
  3. People that act like they don't know you after you've met them several times before. I'm thinking, I remember meeting you three other times so if I remember, then I'm sure you remember. How hard is it to just say hello?
  4. Stupid people
  5. Impolite people
  6. Self-centered people
  7. People who don't listen to you when you are talking to them, they are like kind of listening but then ask a question about what you just said.
  8. People that are way too happy like all the time. Let the fake happiness act go, no one is that happy.
  9. People that go through life with blinders on thinking that this is their world and we are just in it.
  10. Loud talkers, no one else wants to hear your entire conversation about how important you think you are
  11. People in general
  12. Car problems
  13. Taxes